Series of World Laughter Day Photos

World Laughter Day 2018 – on a glorious sunny day in Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge

Our display table and World Laughter Day banner

Our group of laughers at the end of the session


Amidst a perfect sunny and warm Sunday at Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge we had two sessions of Laughter Yoga to celebrate World Laughter Day 2017.  On the first Sunday in May each year, people all around the world get together to laugh for World Peace.  Here are some of our photos:

This is ‘Touch the Sky’ Laughter


We are doing ‘Very good, very good … Yay!’ at the end of an exercise

The group of laughers after the first session – including the
Mayor and Mayoress of Dudley


World Laughter Day 2016. Here are some photos taken at Mary Stevens Park on 1 May 2016

Deep breathing exercises

Laughing Army Drill Song

Laughter Meditation at the end of the session


World Laughter Day 2015. Here are a selection of photos taken at this event at Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge.

This is Nemaste – Greeting Laugh (Nemaste means the divine in me sees the divine in you)


The one below is One Metre Laugh where we measure out a metre along our arms whilst laughing.

The one below is Cocktail Laughter where we mix pretend drinks and ‘drink’ the laughter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next two are ‘Open your Heart’ laughter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe one below is Sushi Laughter where our pretend sushi has been dipped in hot Wasabi sauce


And finally, here is a video compilation from the day:


World Laughter Day 2014. We had two sessions at Mary Stevens Park hub building, Stourbridge on Sunday, 4 May – here are some of the photos:

This is the ‘Ho ha, ha ha ha’ warm up with movement and hand clapping:

4-5-14 Ho ho ha ha ha2

Here is Maggie demonstrating the cocktail / milkshake laughter:

4-5-14 Maggie demonstrates Cocktail laugh

Here is the whole group with ‘Reach for the Sky’ laugh:

4-5-14 Reach for the Sky laughter


World Laughter Day 2013 coincided with the Dudley Borough Trail this year so a Laughter Yoga session was held at Dudley Leisure Centre

Here is a photo where we are doing ‘cow milking’ laughter:



Here are some photos taken at World Laughter Day in Ledbury, Herefordshire on 6 May 2012:

Here are Maureen and Sue enjoying the ‘Cocktail Laugh’:

And at the finale with the Laughter Meditation: